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Radiation hardened camera

Ahlberg Electronics is one of the worlds premier manufacturers of surveillance equipment for nucelar installations. Our radiation hardened cameras have proven to function excellently in live radioactive environments. Our products include refuel mast cameras, fuel inspection cameras, and reactor service cameras. We also have waterproof cameras, and all of our cameras are radiation shielded, tolerant and hardened depending on what kind of performance they are needed for.


MIG is nowdays a part of Getupdated Internet Marketing. We are experts in search engine optimization, Search Engine Placement and internet marketing. We develop Internet services that make your business more effective, stronger and profitable.

Motion Capture

Optical Motion Capture is an efficient method of accurately tracking and recording motions of any kind. In the medical field, researchers and clinicians use movement data to study and observe human movement performance. The Qualisys products are designed to meet the highest demands for quality, simplicity, speed and precision. Systems, built from the Qualisys products, are flexible, mobile and expandable and are therefore easy to adapt to varying needs in industry, research and clinical use.

Work & occupational shoes & Safety boots

Arbesko sells high quality work shoes and safety boots with a strong focus on ergonomics. We fill our shoes with comfort so you can enjoy life even after a full day's work. Arbesko is often first with adopting new materials for our shoes - we conduct our own research so we can make safety shoes and work shoes with the latest technology. Read more about Arbesko's high quality occupational shoes, work shoes and safety shoes on our website.

Solar Pellet and Wood heating - Domestic heating

Varmebaronen delivers domestic heating systems that is heating numerous swedish homes all the year around. We are the Swedish market leaders in domestic solar, electric, pellet and wood heating. Our main area of expertize is in domestic pellet heating, we sell only pellet heaters of highest quality and of highest efficiency. Our wide product range includes pellet burner and pellet heating, easy to clean firewood boilers used together with an accumulator tank. We offer electric boilers. If you need to change your oil burner, take a closer look at Viking Pro, renowned for its reliability and good economy. If you are looking for electric heating, we have a wide array of electric boilers. We also have a wide range of electric cartridges and electric elements. We are market leaders in this area.

Clean air solutions

Bag filters is one of our biggest products, and comes with several different mounting solutions. Camfil Farr produces air filters from everything from cleanrooms to kitchens. Among our products are: gas filters, air filter housing, dust collectors, metal filters, grease filters gas turbine filters, bag filters and hvac filters. As one of the premier companies in the world in the field of clean air solutions. We have air filter solutions for increased indoor air quality (IAQ).

Fem software - Space claim - Iron cad

Enmesh can deliver some of the best FEA and CAE solutions in GoSimulate and GoSimulate light. With our Design software you can construct plans which is compatible with Google Sketch Up, and includes Thermal and Structural Analysis. FEA - Finite Element Analysis and CAE - Computer aided engineering. Basically software for conceptual design with Iron CAD compability, and included functionality for Space Claim, Thermal Analysis and Structural Analysis.


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